emad (1)

Twenty-five year old Emad is truly a jack of all trades in Za’atari Camp. In the morning you’ll find him canvassing the camp, referring vulnerable cases to hospitals as a Community Health Worker; in the afternoon he’s apt to be leading a meeting of the Syrian Youth Committee, a volunteer youth network that leads community service projects; by evening he’s likely to be belting out lead vocals in a concert or theater performance for the camp community.

A true youth leader, Emad is constantly seeking new ways to use his talents in service of others. Its not always easy to stay positive though, as he takes stock of what landed him in Za’atari Camp, and what may lie ahead. Emad was in his final years of university, studying to be an X-Ray Technician, when war and violence forced him to flee with his family to Jordan.

He’s been in the camp nearly four years, and has been unable to continue his education. Emad looks to the future, and it feels lost. With all his energy and talent, Emad is already changing his community for the better. His impact, today in Za’atari and tomorrow in Syria, could be even stronger given the chance to continue his higher education.