The Amal Scholarship Fund responds to this need by providing scholarships for youth to attend Jordanian universities.

A full scholarship for a four-year bachelor’s degree at a nearby Jordanian university, including tuition, books, transportation, and a modest living stipend costs only $19,000. 

That’s less than $5,000 a year.

The Amal Scholarship Fund promotes supports youth leadership and engagement in community service by targeting its scholarships to youth committed to making a difference in their community and rebuilding their home country.

The Syrian Youth Committee in Za’atari Camp is one grassroots group that has mobilized youth in the camp to utilize their skills and energy in service of others; led by and comprised of youth, this committee has also spearheaded the push for higher education opportunities. The Amal Fund targets members of this committee, and youth leaders like them, to support and foster refugee youth community engagement.

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The Fund seeks to partner with U.S. academic institutions and their communities to support these refugee students.

Partners will gain a Cultural Ambassador from the refugee community, who adds a unique voice and insight onto their campus through cultural exchange engagement via online platforms. Activities may include skyping into an International Relations class, leading Arabic discussions with language students, or co-authoring a bilingual blog.

Partners will also be leaders in international education and university response to Syrian crisis. Students will be mobilized as global citizens, supporting the scholarship fundraising effort, educating their communities, and directly connecting with their Syrian refugee peers in Jordan.

These partnerships help universities and their communities, whose hearts break watching the Syrian crisis unfold from afar, take meaningful action to help their fellow students in need.

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